Vik – The White Variation (heklAa cover)

When heklAa suggested that I contribute a cover of his song Vik to the Vik Variations project, I couldn’t decide how I wanted to treat the composition, so I ended up doing two very different versions of it. The first, a soft piano rework, is featured below, and the second, much heavier version is included as a bonus track when… Read more →


Sun Rype Video

This promotional video for Sun Rype, produced by the Film Factory, features a new original composition of mine along with some custom sound design. As a fruit juice lover, I’m proud to have my music associated with this classic brand. Read more →

How Near, How Far cover 2

New single / fundraiser: “How Near, How Far”

As someone who has spent a bit of time studying food security policy, I know that food insecurity (lack of access to food due to financial conditions) is a major issue that currently affects over 4 million Canadians. So when The Film Factory challenged me to donate a bag of food to the Central Okanagan Community Food Bank, I decided… Read more →

Selected Works cover art

1631 Music – “Selected Works” Compilation

I’m very excited today to announce the release of “Selected Works,” a 9-song compilation album, via 1631 Music, a publishing and licensing imprint of 1631 Recordings. The album is a collection of pieces from my EPs, singles, and film/TV works – a greatest hits collection of sorts, inasmuch as someone without a full-length album or any radio singles can have… Read more →


Drone Day 2016 Compilation

This past Saturday, May 28th, was National Drone Day, a celebration of drone, experimental, and ambient music in Canada and around the world. To mark the event, I contributed a new, previously unreleased track called “A Distant Memory” to a compilation album called “Building Better Children Through Science: Drone Music from the Okanagan Valley.” The album is a collection of… Read more →

Still Life Cover 5

Still Life EP

The Still Life EP is now available on Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, and just about everywhere else digital music is found these days. The album is an exercise in intimacy, spontaneity, and detail. Each piece on the album is its own musical “still life” portrait; a delicate arrangement focused on bringing every detail of the music to life. These four… Read more →


Zudo Music

I’m happy to announce that part of my music library is now available for sync licensing in the U.S. via Zudo Music, a new licensing company focused on making high-quality independent music accessible to filmmakers. Want to know more about Zudo? Check out their promo video, which features my song “Bright Skies.” Read more →

Bird's Companion Horizontal 2

The Number of the Stars (Lyric Version feat. Piotr Trypus)

Vocalist Piotr Trypus from the bands Evening Mode and Starsabout wrote and recorded some beautiful lyrics to my song “The Number of the Stars.” The lyrics were inspired by the title, and I think they fit perfectly with what the instrumental version was trying to convey. Here’s the result of our collaboration: Read more →


Red Wagon Marketing Audio Branding

This is an audio tag I created for Red Wagon Marketing, a local marketing company focusing video production. They’ve got some exciting videos in the works right now. To find out more about Red Wagon Marketing, visit         Read more →

Visland Logo

Visland Media Audio Branding

Visland Media, a Kelowna-based film and television development company, recently asked me to provide some audio branding for their new animated logo. The visuals for the logo were provided by Marc Nadeau of Vision FX, who tells me that he worked on every ray of sun by hand! You can find out more about what Marc does at Here’s how it… Read more →

Refuge Single Cover 1400X1400

New Single: “Refuge”

Today, May 9th, 2015, is National Drone Day, a day celebrating ambient, experimental, and drone music in Canada. I took this “holiday” as a chance to get a little bit experimental, and released a piece of guitar-based ambient drone music called “Refuge.” All of the guitars in this piece were recorded in one take using a loop pedal, and the synth… Read more →

Johanna Olson Music

“Winds”: Collaboration with Johanna Olson

Collaborations are funny things. Sometimes you learn to really stretch yourself and adapt to a different sense of musicality, while other times, the collaboration is so natural you don’t even have to think about what you’re doing. This collaboration was definitely a case of the latter. About a year ago, my friend Jordan Leibel approached me about adding some electric… Read more →


“Ellipsis”: New Song for Piano Day

Today, March 29th 2015, has been dubbed as the first ever “Piano Day” by pianist Nils Frahm. In honour of this new holiday, I’ve released a new song, “Ellipsis,” which incorporates sounds from my old Yamaha upright piano in a few different ways: First I played it (of course), then I sampled the piano and manipulated those samples to create… Read more →

West Kelowna Tourism - Paynters Fruit Stand

West Kelowna Tourism

I recently had the chance to compose some custom music for a video promotion campaign for West Kelowna Tourism. Here’s the result:   They also used my song “Rise” in two of their videos:   Read more →

The Bird's Companion After the Fire EP Cover Art

After the Fire EP

I’m happy to announce the release of my new EP “After the Fire,” available today, February 24, 2015. This album was recorded in various locations throughout Canada including a bedroom in Ottawa up the road from my mom’s childhood home, an attic by the sea in Victoria, a 100-year old church converted into a vacation cottage by Okanagan Lake, and… Read more →


Sing Hallelujah!

As part of a United Church of Canada project that will include video recordings of over 100 hymns, I’ve been doing recording, mixing, and mastering work for a variety choirs and other musicians over the past several months. I’ve even been asked to be a part of some of the performances myself! The hymn videos will be packaged as a DVD set… Read more →

Analog feet

Pack Me Up I’m Sold

Had another great artist in the Film Factory’s new recording studio recently. His name is Connor Schmidt and we had some fun playing around in the studio and laying down this cover of Dan Mangan’s “Sold.” Not bad for a Saturday afternoon at the office. Read more →

IHS 2016 Vancouver logo

Ringing in the New Studio

The Film Factory’s brand new recording studio is now up and running, and to break it in, I got to record some singing handbells! For those who are unfamiliar with the instrument (as I was), it’s basically a combo between a handbell and a singing bowl that you play by rubbing a stick around the outside of a large bell.… Read more →