Casey van Wensem is a composer, musician, audio engineer, and writer living in Victoria, B.C., Canada. His first EP, “After the Fire” was released in 2015, and earned him comparisons to contemporaries like Nils Frahm, HelkAa, and Lowercase Noises. He followed up this release in 2016 with another EP, “Still Life.” This album finds the composer alone at the piano, layering tracks on top of each other to create rich organic soundscapes.

In addition to recording his own music, van Wensem also composes custom pieces for clients in the business and creative sectors, works as a music editor and sound engineer for TV and film productions, and writes articles for a variety of print and online publications.


“Just beautiful piano/post-rock music. Puts a smile on my face every time I listen to it. This music gives me the feeling of walking through nature on a sunny day and actually realizing how beautiful life is.”Post-Rock Essentials

“Each song is its own excavation onto its canvas, with every subtle nuance as the songs progress representing tiny brushstrokes filling the frame.” Arctic Drones

“Beautifully composed, mildly touching and unstoppably placid, provoking to replay.” Echoes and Dust

“Tender solo piano works, with some melodic and uplifting forays on guitar that will appeal to the ambient and post rock crowd as well. A lovely collection.” Stationary Travels

“Casey van Wensem’s musical works go deep into the heart with the great dynamism of emotional moments.” Gezeitenstrom (Tidal Current)