“Ellipsis”: New Song for Piano Day

Today, March 29th 2015, has been dubbed as the first ever “Piano Day” by pianist Nils Frahm. In honour of this new holiday, I’ve released a new song, “Ellipsis,” which incorporates sounds from my old Yamaha upright piano in a few different ways: First I played it (of course), then I sampled the piano and manipulated those samples to create different ambient effects. Hopefully this helps you to hear the piano in new ways (as it did for me).

“Ellipsis” is based on the idea of waiting for something even though you don’t know exactly what you’re waiting for. Most of the elements for this piece were recorded during a trip to Kitimat – a small union town in Northern BC. In many ways, Kitimat is a town in waiting – waiting for the city workers strike to end; waiting to see if new industries will come to the region or not; waiting for spring to finally arrive in full. This piece is my attempt to capture that feeling of collective waiting and anticipation.

The song is available for streaming and purchase on Bandcamp.