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“Winds”: Collaboration with Johanna Olson

Collaborations are funny things. Sometimes you learn to really stretch yourself and adapt to a different sense of musicality, while other times, the collaboration is so natural you don’t even have to think about what you’re doing. This collaboration was definitely a case of the latter. About a year ago, my friend Jordan Leibel approached me about adding some electric… Read more →


“Ellipsis”: New Song for Piano Day

Today, March 29th 2015, has been dubbed as the first ever “Piano Day” by pianist Nils Frahm. In honour of this new holiday, I’ve released a new song, “Ellipsis,” which incorporates sounds from my old Yamaha upright piano in a few different ways: First I played it (of course), then I sampled the piano and manipulated those samples to create… Read more →